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How can we make ARIS better?

Integration, Connectors & API

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Introduce a Microsoft search connector

For many organizations ARIS is a central management system with important information for the way of working. The connector for Microsoft search will allow users to also search in ARIS when using their enterprise search portal e.g. searching in Of...
Jesper Loell 11 months ago in Integration, Connectors & API 1 Planned

Make SAP Test Management attribute: Business Process Test available in ARIS

In SAP are two attributes available within the Test management categorie: 'Test Case Assignment Type' with the values 'Additive' or 'Exclusive' 'Business Process Test' with the values 'End to end test not required' or 'End to end test required' Th...
Karin Wolters over 2 years ago in Integration, Connectors & API 0 Planned

API - Full text search of ADS documents

We need an additional function in the ARIS Document Storage API, which makes it possible to carry out a full text search in ADS documents, as is already possible in the standard. Application scenario: For example, in a third party application (Sha...
Hubert Warsitz over 1 year ago in Integration, Connectors & API 0 Planned

Create role objects or lanes for role swimlanes downloaded from Solman

ARIS does not synchronise information with Solman that will create Role objects in ARIS Downloading the Solman content, it has the BPMN diagrams that are ‘Role’ type in Solman, however ARIS does not recognise them as Roles and does not create Role...
Malcolm Powers over 2 years ago in Integration, Connectors & API 0 Planned