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PINNED AI/ML features integration
like clustering, outliers detection, key influencers, predictive results with classification algorithms this would support Root-Cause-Analysis
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Process Mining

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Adding the possibility to filter the Widget "Jump to PPM"

Hello, Our customer wish to jump from a widget to the PPM Favorite. Therefor please add the action Filter to the widget, so you can open the favorite in PPM including the filter values. Best Regards Daniel
Guest over 2 years ago in Process Mining 0 Will not implement

Extensions to Root Cause Miner app

In the ARIS Process Mining on-prem product, the Root Cause Miner considers dimensional values only. My suggestion would be to include and/or extend this with the capability to also analyze dependencies with other measures. For example a High % Pai...
Roland van de Ruit over 3 years ago in Process Mining 0 Will not implement

Centralized way to change an SSL certificates

Dear all, After 10 attempts to change the SSL certificate for the customer Dutsche Post DHL, with support of Global Support and IDS Scheer, we managed to successfully exchange it. In total, we needed to apply changes in 5 different locations: Soft...
Guest over 2 years ago in Process Mining 0 Will not implement

Process Explorer - time oriented visualization

The view/order/orientation in the process explorer diverges by all changes in the analysis. That's hardly to follow and to compare. I suggest to generate a sorted view based on the activity time stamps to get a comparable and easy to read process ...
Jens Nitzschke almost 3 years ago in Process Mining 1 Will not implement

Archiving of data files: move files which are not in Archiv folder

If you use the archiving of data files (after the import) by moving them to an archive folder, there is an error message, when a file already exists in the Archive folder and the archiving is stopped completely.So if you have 10 files and the firs...
Andreas Geis 11 months ago in Process Mining 0 Will not implement

Split huge Log Files

Sometime it happens that log files get very huge (+ 1 GB).Such huge logfiles can't be open/handled in a comforablte way by a text editor.The idea is to split the huge log file into multiple files as it is done during the data export.There, the fil...
Andreas Geis 11 months ago in Process Mining 0 Will not implement