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PINNED Make all ADS document versions visible, more than one deletable at once
Currently, only the last 100 versions of a document are displayed in the ADS. We sometimes have more than 1000 versions of protocol documents. We would therefore like to be able to display all versions, 100 units are sufficient for each page. We w...
PINNED Spreadsheets - generate dashboard link
I really like the webbased spreadsheets in ARIS 10 SR24. Please also enable the generate dashboard link option via web similar to the option in ARIS Architect

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ARIS Aware -data feed, the selection list does not appear sorted

When adding a data feed, the selection list does not appear sorted. The feeds are displayed randomly unsorted. Alphabetical sorting is expected
Jens Heylmann over 2 years ago in Dashboarding 0 Shipped

ADS - Search / Filter for documents

Currently it is difficult to find documents directly in the ADS. Here it would be desirable to have a search window over which one could search for documents. The search window should allow typical wildcards like * or ? A "phonetic" search option ...
Hubert Warsitz over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Shipped

Displaying all symbols of mini workflow diagrams

The customers are wondering why they are not allowed to see in full detail the flow supported per mini workflow they are provided It would be better if via a custom filter they could review all the details of the flows they need to be trained to u...
Vassiliki Spentzou over 2 years ago in Governance Workflows 1 Shipped

Selection of formatting & scale on the diagrams.

It is crucial to enable changing of the format & scale on the measures on the diagrams? Also, fixing/setting a default type (always the same, e.g. hours, not days/hours/ms) Current random setup is extremely confusing for the end user.
Guest over 2 years ago in Process Mining 2 Shipped

Support size changes of components

Currently, resizing of components is possible with various limitations, e.g. double the size etc. This causes limited usability.
Guest over 2 years ago in Process Mining 2 Shipped

Enable saving of changes in the transformation

As there is no way to 'save' a transformation, erorrs might occur. After changing a table in the tranformation, it keeps on coming back to the previous state, hence causing errors
Guest over 2 years ago in Process Mining 1 Shipped

Conformance model trigerring from PM

Currently, the only way to trigger the confromance model is from the modelling suite and it is not possible from ARIS. It is crucial to be able to uplaod the BPMN model directly and not only rely on the trasnfer from ARIS modelling.
Guest over 2 years ago in Process Mining 1 Shipped

selecting an existing object in a matrix model - missing path

Hi in ARIS Connect, when you are editing a row/column, filling in the name of the object, if you have for example same org units in different group (different company) with same name, you can't see the path (and so you can't select the correct one)
Alessia Graci over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Shipped

ARIS App in Teams

As a user of MS Teams I'd like to be able to collaborate with my team members on assets in the ARIS Repository. For this I'd like an easy way to add models, factsheets and other into teams e.g. through a dedicated ARIS Teams App.
Jesper Loell over 2 years ago in Integration, Connectors & API 0 Shipped

Search Functionality in Repository + Maintaining several languages

Need for Action: It is quite hard to find master Objects, to serch for specific objects and doing data optimizations in the Repository.Bad data quality +Also you can not change the names of groups, models, objects in different languages in an ea...
Guest over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Shipped