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PINNED AI/ML features integration
like clustering, outliers detection, key influencers, predictive results with classification algorithms this would support Root-Cause-Analysis
PINNED Make all ADS document versions visible, more than one deletable at once
Currently, only the last 100 versions of a document are displayed in the ADS. We sometimes have more than 1000 versions of protocol documents. We would therefore like to be able to display all versions, 100 units are sufficient for each page. We w...

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Pull up operations to other table fields

ARIS pull up is possible for cases and activities, where as the need is to pull up (with nested logics) function to work with other table fields to create calculated fields. E.g., AVG(CASE WHEN PU_COUNT_DISTINCT('_CEL_P2P_ORDERS', LEN('supplier_sh...
Guest over 1 year ago in Process Mining 0 Planned

Allow more image formats for tiles

In order to make an attractive landing page it would be beneficial to allow more formats than the 100KB PNG which is quite limited. SVG, JPG and webp are preferred.
Jesper Loell 6 months ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting

API method for the correct comparison of timestamp attributes

Currently, there is no method in the report API with which it is possible to automatically compare the content of two time stamp attributes. The indicated time stamp attributes can be easily compared with the eye, but not automatically. This is du...
Hubert Warsitz 10 months ago in Integration, Connectors & API 0 Open for voting

Create hyperlinks within the content of a text attribute

Hello, It would be great to be able to create hyperlinks within the content of an ARIS text attribute with ARIS Connect Designer / ARIS Designer/Architect. Ideally the creation of hyperlinks could also be done through an ARIS report. Uses cases: •...
Nicolas Choppin de Janvry 4 months ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Open for voting

Filter License usage dashboard by license type

Hello, In order to enhance the readability of the license usage dashboard (Administration / charts / users) it would be good to be able to filter by license types. The reason is that if a license type has a very big number compared to the others, ...
Nicolas Choppin de Janvry 4 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Open for voting

Visibilty of the Database

Currently the information in which database you find yourself in is too discrete. The Process Owners & Process Experts who are involved in the Process Review need to make sure they are in the modeling Database to approve the changes. Also it c...
Guest over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting

Related models on model level

In ARIS Connect I would like to see at model level which other models are related to the model I'm looking at. When I open the details/properties-tab in Connect and click on 'More > Related models' I have to select an object first to see the mo...
Janno Jekel over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Open for voting

Print model with comments

The solution should allow a user to select comments in a model and print them out or export as a file. This would be used for Quality Assurance duringmodeling reviews. This is the practice in ING.
Arnout Westra over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Open for voting

Connect - enable initial column configuration for table based modelling

Instead of only being able to add/remove columns manually in the table based modelling screen, it would be great to be able to set a default or initial configuration of these columns for all ARIS Connect Designers.
Guest over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Open for voting

Properly support veto when macro runs a report

Macros can only be used in Connect Designer if they run a report (or semantic check, but veto isn't available there). In this situation vetoable macro events (e.g. 'New object is to be placed from the toolbar (vetoable)' which runs in context of M...
Rob Filor 2 months ago in Content Analysis & Reporting 0 Open for voting