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select object in model when comment is selected in Collaboration

When a comment is created on a selected object in a model then a tag is created to identify the object in Collaboration. But when a comment on an object is selected in collaboration in tab Diagram, then there is no "connection" to the object itsel...
Veronika Prueher-Pilsl 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 1 Future consideration

Downtime message display on ARIS Connect login page

Hi, Whenever we perform any Changeactivities in production, we send out notification to all users via email regarding ARIS downtime. Additionally, we would also prefer to display a message on ARIS Connect login page during the downtime hours. Plea...
Guest 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Server/Enterprise Server 1 Future consideration

Deletion of Attribute SAP ID after creation of a task/function definition copy

After initial load a SAP ID is being added in the attributes of each synchronized object in the transfomation database. Later his ID will be written into to object attributes in the Development database.When creating a definition copy in ARIS the ...
Guest 9 months ago in ARIS Extension: SAP Solution 0 Planned

Assigning colors to partitions in Pie charts

Dear team,In Pie chart widgets, I often need to control the color of individual partitions instead of letting AWARE decide assign the partition colors automatically.Example:A pie chart of Compliant (Green)/Non-Compliant (Red) results.
Niazi Darwish 2 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer PRO 1 Future consideration

find a guid with the standard search

Dear Software AG representative, In ARIS it's sometimes nessecary to look up an object or model trough the GUID. There is an undocumented procedure for this:%% where guid = I would like to have a regular feature in ARIS to look up guids either in ...
Asha Chitan 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Planned

Send mass notifications to users

Currently there is no way to send mass notifications to UMC users from within ARIS. Add a functionality to the web interface so you can send mails to multiple UMC users at once. You should be able to enter the subject / content via the web interfa...
Guest 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Future consideration

Tool to report broken hyperlinks to external documents or media

With increasing use of hyperlinks to documents that are not stored in the ARIS Connect document store, for example to a Company Sharepoint site, it would be useful to have an administrator tool available to test hyperlinks to confirm they receive ...
Alex Welsh 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 2 Future consideration

GDPR requires all systems to be able to delete record when requested to do so by the customer

It is required by law (GDPR) that when a customer wants their data to be deleted from a system it should be possible to do so (deletion by design). Currently this is not possible in ARCM. We, as xxx, want this functionality to be implemented.
Sylvia Groenbos 3 months ago in ARIS Extension: Risk & Compliance 0 Future consideration

Get overview of ADS permissions

Create an overview of all ADS folders with access rights per user and user group. Currently there is an option to set the access rights with: Report class ADSRepository - Method setPermissions setPermissions ( ADSFolder adsFolder, String[] user...
Xinyu Li 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Future consideration

Collaboration - add usergroup to collaboration group

Instead of only being able to add individual users to a collaboration group, it would be interesting to be able to add a usergroup. The relation should be dynamic meaning that adding or removing users from the usergroup is taken in account
Koen Maes 9 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 1 Future consideration