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Self-service administration of Connect Portal - tab "processes": Consider path/ database of root element

When using the self-service configuration for setting the root element for tab "processes" the system not considering the database name despite database name is mentioned when entering it (JIRA SI-504649). Impact: If two databases contain an ident...
Susanne Herrmann 5 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Future consideration

Create and manage Spreadsheet model with a script

Hi, Now we can create Spreadsheet models manually with drag&drop, copy&paste or via Queries and Ad-hoc analysis.I see a lot of potential use of spreadsheet model at our customers but building it in usable form still takes some time. Gettin...
Rok Sobocan almost 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Designer 0 Future consideration

Make ARIS more open in order to get own content easy extractable

Most products have an open database structure. ARIS has not (yet)... We have an urgent need for some kind of data warehouse and a flexible solution for reporting for which we are now developing labour-intensive reports in the ARIS Architect.
Arnout Westra 7 months ago in ARIS Technology & Platform 5 Future consideration

ARIS Connect Model View Statistics

We would be really keen to understand which users are viewing which models in ARIS Connect, and when. Similarly we would like to see which models are being edited, by who and when. That way we could understand which are most viewed/least viewed mo...
Cameron Bradbury almost 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 1 Planned

Connect Designer filter in web modeling

Connect Designer offers a lot of symbols, e.g. for roles, position, etc. , if the entire method as publication filter was defined. An enhancement would be, to offer also filters for modelers in the web interface, independent from the publication f...
Guest almost 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Designer 0 Planned

Calendar overview of scheduled reports

To improve the overview of the scheduled reports, there should be an automatically generated monthly / weekly / daily overview. A Gantt chart with average runtimes as runtime lengths would be optimal. [in deutsch] Zur Verbesserung der Übersicht de...
Hubert Warsitz 6 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Future consideration

Favoring of documents from list or table view

Currently, it is only possible to favorite documents via a factsheet, which can be opened by clicking on the document object. The same applies to processes. [See screenshot] It would be desirable to have the option of favoring documents or process...
Hubert Warsitz about 1 month ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Future consideration

Add more bulk operations to the UMC usermanagement

Currently there is no easy way to edit users / user groups in bulk inside of the UMC (except for the mass deletion of users and user groups). You have to edit every single user / user group individually. If you have to do the same tasks for a lot ...
Sebastian Huber almost 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Future consideration

Analysis Model - variant name (like in PE)

Currently only the variant ID is available in the analysis model. The variant "name" which is part of the process explorer|variant explorer is not available. For building custom analysis it would be better if not only the variant ID is availble bu...
Monika Leitner about 1 month ago in ARIS Process Mining SaaS / Process Transformation 0 Future consideration

ARIS prospects and customers would like to use Confirmation Management-like functionality to periodically request from their Model Owners if model is still up-to-date

ARIS administrators (customers, prospects) in the US market have expressed they would like to be able to schedule 'Confirmation Management'-type tasks all at once, instead of doing it for each individual model. Use case: Requesting all model owner...
Frank Engelbert 5 months ago in ARIS Extension: Rollout add-ons 0 Future consideration