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Attribute Wizard in ARIS Connect

Adding to the idea ARISD-I-298 (Attribute Wizard (No Touch)), it would be very useful to have the Attribute Wizard also available in ARIS Connect Web Admin. As mentioned in Cameron Bradbury's idea, a lot of CoE's use this feature to mas upload, ch...
Sylvia Groenbos 3 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Future consideration

Tool to report broken hyperlinks to external documents or media

With increasing use of hyperlinks to documents that are not stored in the ARIS Connect document store, for example to a Company Sharepoint site, it would be useful to have an administrator tool available to test hyperlinks to confirm they receive ...
Alex Welsh almost 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 2 Future consideration

Extend standard date formats for CSV upload

is there a way to extend the list of standard DATE formats for the CSV import. in multiple PoVs we have been modifying each date column because the original format was not recognized. for example d/M/yyyy or dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss.SSSSSSS (data lake ...
Marc Daams 4 months ago in ARIS Process Mining SaaS /  Process Mining Platform 0 Future consideration

Report which returns a.o. things the last run date

At this moment a report is missing that returns the following information: Available for users Available in Connect Category Name Description Output formats Imports Restricted access Last date the report has run Especially the last item in the lis...
Guest almost 2 years ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 1 Future consideration

Option for setting tagged people in comments to follow automatically when tagged

Currently, when a person is tagged in a comment, they only automatically follow when they post a comment/reply (when that option is configured). Configuration option to make a tagged person automatically follow even if they haven't posted a reply ...
Chris Ballingall about 1 month ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Future consideration

Comment notification or Collaboration feed should automatically open comment in model

When a person clicks on the link from an email notification or from their Collaboration feed they have to open the Comments from the toolbar. It should automatically open the comment with the model
Chris Ballingall about 1 month ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Future consideration

Clean up and analysis tools for method and conventions management

As an administrator I want to clean up old customized model types, symbols and attributes. It is difficult to determine the impact of deleting a customized item. We have a lot of customized items which are never cleaned up, because people are afra...
Theo Padding over 1 year ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Future consideration

Highlighting - combination of filter

At the moment the filter that can be set in Highlighting, are independent from each other. Each Highlighting filter is shown at the respective object. It would be good to have an "AND combination" of filter criteria, so that only objects are highl...
Veronika Prueher-Pilsl about 1 month ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Future consideration

Compare models side by side as a viewer

On Aris Connect as a viewer I would like to be able to run comparison side by side between models, not only marked on the screens as currently we do have, this comparison must be extensive to versions and variants
Gabriella Faieta 7 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer PRO 0 Planned

Self-service start page (home view) supports different databases in Connect Portal

Published is more than one ARIS database. Each database has different requirements for the start page: - Different number of components - Different arrangement of components - Different quick links I as a portal administrator want to be abl...
Jens Heylmann over 1 year ago in ARIS Enterprise - Viewer 0 Future consideration