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PINNED [FIXED] How to: share your ideas
Here you find an overview of how to share ideas, vote, get updated on your ideas and the workflow until one idea becomes a feature and finally is released.
PINNED Connect Spreadsheet Model: Increase cell capacity
Problem Statement We have been informed by Support that currently the maximum limit for a Spreadsheet Model in ARIS Connect is set 1000 edited cells (value or style/formatting). Empty cells are not counted, but, if a cell contains style/formatting...

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Method changes of a Matrix model

The Matrix models considers all connetion types that are activated in the filter (on definition level) If a connection type is activated, then the matrix model considers all possible combinations of object and connection (even if not all these com...
Pascale Wessel over 2 years ago in Modeling & Contribution 1 Open for voting

Activation / Deactivation of model overview frame in Connect

This feature would be about to make sure that the model overview window / frame (visible at bottom-right in Connect Viewer when user on Diagram factsheet) can be switched on/off by the user. At the moment it is constantly there for bigger models, ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Planned

ARIS prospects and customers would like to use Confirmation Management-like functionality to periodically request from their Model Owners if model is still up-to-date

ARIS administrators (customers, prospects) in the US market have expressed they would like to be able to schedule 'Confirmation Management'-type tasks all at once, instead of doing it for each individual model. Use case: Requesting all model owner...
Frank Engelbert 9 months ago in Publication & Collaboration 0 Open for voting

Incorporate a default measure to calculate the dwell between any two activities

Currently, there is no built-in/default measure that allows the user to create a dashboard to present the average dwell between any two activities in the process dataset. This is a very powerful use case, with numerous benefits in terms of being a...
Paul Fenton 5 months ago in Process Mining 0 Open for voting

Compare models side by side as a viewer

On Aris Connect as a viewer I would like to be able to run comparison side by side between models, not only marked on the screens as currently we do have, this comparison must be extensive to versions and variants
Gabriella Faieta 12 months ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Planned

Allow access to ARIS SP document storage from Documents tab from object details popup.

In version 10.0.24 it can be done only from ARIS Document Storage Link 1/5 attribute. It is confusion for user of ARIS Designer whether they have to use ARIS Document Storage Link 1/5 attribute or Documents tab from object details popup.
Emmanuel Viguié 2 months ago in Integration, Connectors & API 0 Open for voting

Configuration of combined attributes

In ARIS standard method there are for example document links combined with a title. Since that we need more then four pairs of attributes Title 1..4/Link 1..4, it shall be possible for the configuration administrator to define such attribute clust...
Welf-Holger Prietzsch 6 months ago in Modeling & Contribution 0 Open for voting

Enable upload to ADS with other user than active user

I want to make a Javascript to upload content to ADS which is run by a normal user without privileges to the ADS folder where the content is uploaded, but accessible for a system user. E.g. to log a batch maintenance in a file which is uploaded to...
Theo Padding 11 months ago in ARIS Enterprise - Admin 0 Open for voting

Case wait time (cases with activity end timestamps)

One powerful analysis measure that does not currently appear to be available out of the box is 'Case Wait Time' for cases with activity start and end timestamps. Expressed simply, this is the amount of time that elapses during the overall duration...
Paul Fenton 4 months ago in Process Mining 0 Open for voting

Glossary/Catalog in self-service configuration

As an administrator I would like to be able to be able to add new categories and related columns in our glossary/catalog through self-service configuration. E.g. Risks, terms, ...
Jesper Loell over 2 years ago in Publication & Collaboration 1 Planned