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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 22, 2022

Feature to restrict concurrent licenses by user groups

Hello Team,

This request is to ask you to provide a feature in future releases to restrict the use of concurrent licenses by user group.

For e.g. we have a scenario where suppose we have 100 ARIS connect concurrent licenses, and we want to allocate/restrict it to different departments/group of people, such as 20 to Group1, 30 to Group2, etc. Right now we cannot do it as the license seat will be allocated on the basis of first come first serve.

A ticket for the same was raised:5447323 Restrict Concurrent license usage


Amol Patil

Brainstorm ID 9194
Created on Brainstorm 06/07/2021 02:00 AM
  • Product Manager
    Cecilia Lauer
    Jun 30, 2022

    Thank you for this idea.

    It has been implemented for 6 or 7 years already. We call it "license pool" and instructions how to assign such license pools can be found in our help section.