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Status Open for voting
Created by Veronika Prueher-Pilsl
Created on Apr 1, 2022

Support Content type creation

When creating/editing a content type set various information is needed.

E.g. for creating a relationship one needs to know the content type (e.g. System for application system type, systeminstance for application system) - it would be good if there was a list of supported content types and which object-/model types are supported in standard.

Next decision is the connection. For definition the active name and API is available, so the user needs to dig through the filter about used connections. Or the user creates a filter evaluation. But then only the type number is available in the output xls and the user needs to check Architect again about API of the connection with the respective type number. Not to forget that connections can have 2 directions which need to be checked.

And then the names of the content types do not necessarily correspond with the item type/factsheet names in xml/SSC.

So this can be very complex and we need support to easier find the relevant information.