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Status Open for voting
Created by Vassiliki Spentzou
Created on May 4, 2022

Setting diferrent user session limits per license type

Currently in ARIS UMC it is possible to set the following Attributes (Users>General)

  • initial session duration limit (in minutes)

  • maximum session duration limit (in minutes)

This type of settings affect the session duration for all types of users (i.e. designers and viewers). One of our customers is asking for the option to set separately the values for the afore-mentioned attributes for those users visiting the portal compared to those ones that create content (designers).

For the moment such caring exists only for system user but we find it reasonable to be abel to distingiush these different use cases and set the limits accordingly.

  • Vassiliki Spentzou
    May 4, 2022
    We do therefore confirm public availability of this idea
  • Product Manager
    Philip Hake
    May 4, 2022

    If you would like to have this idea public for voting, please remove the customer names and / or confirm public availability of this idea.