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Created by Theo Padding
Created on Jun 14, 2022

Clean up and analysis tools for method and conventions management

As an administrator I want to clean up old customized model types, symbols and attributes. It is difficult to determine the impact of deleting a customized item. We have a lot of customized items which are never cleaned up, because people are afraid to delete crucial information. For that purpose I would like to know:

  • Is an item (model, symbol, attribute...) used in any database?

  • In case of model and symbol, how many of custom items are in the database and when were they changed for the last time. This will give an indication that models or objects are so old that they can be deleted without consequences.

  • In case of attribute, is it maintained in any database and for which item (database, group, model, object or connection). Also the value might be relevant.

Useful tools to clean up method and conventions are lacking at this moment. Useful tools will help to better manage the method and conventions.

The second improvement is the use of filters. In one of our user reports I found a lot of unknown filter GUIDs for which user or user groups were privileged in the past. Probably the filter has been deleted, but the connection to the privileges not. In order to clean up it is necessary to have a tool that automatically cleans up these connections.

I do not have this experience or other issues with templates, but they may probably exist.