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Created by Robert Vajdík
Created on Nov 29, 2022

LDAP - optimize performance in UMC

Hello ARIS Experts,

in case big amount users in LDAP or Multiple LDAP UMC I would appreciate have a new feature to optimize performance in UMC.

I did like to have imported users as it is - who really works with ARIS - as ARIS Designers or ARIS Architects with all privileges and then newly have tab only for account who use ARIS passively.

So my vision is to have two types of methods to get users and people to UMC (with filtering) in ARIS Administration.

Accounts for ARIS Viewers or people who are mention in collaboration @name chat its not required to have fully imported with all data in UMC.

Its standard in modern applications with LDAP and its separate think have imported users and have accounts of people.

It does not make to sense import big groups of all thousand’s users with all information. Then for example searching and all administration work (add some rights on groups) takes forever.