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Created by Susanne Herrmann
Created on Jun 22, 2023

Self-service administration of Connect Portal - tab "processes": Consider path/ database of root element

When using the self-service configuration for setting the root element for tab "processes" the system not considering the database name despite database name is mentioned when entering it (JIRA SI-504649).

Impact: If two databases contain an identical model, which is defined as root element only for one of those databases (for example DB "a") it is also shown in the other database (b).
Even if for database "b" another root element was defined with this syntax "
c.chain.<businessunit b>.vTalYehWEe0R_nJn08bjMA.-1". Which contains obviously the name of the other database.

Since the system is asking for the referring/ relevant database for setting the root element Self-service administration it should consider this information.