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Created by Maulana Bagoes Ibrahim
Created on Dec 5, 2023

Enhanced Audit Log

As far as im aware in ARIS Architect and ARIS Connect, we can track any login activities for an account from successul logins to logout timestamp. But up until now, i haven't see any audit log that's capable to track down any changes made by a user in ARIS whether its creating a model, deleting a model or updating a model. The only thing that close is the one attribute that can tell who access a model and its last changed time.

With this, it would be great if there'll be a feature where ARIS is capable to track down any activity made by user from both ARIS Connect and ARIC Architect since its really useful when there's an incident where a model is deleted, or edited by someone, whether its an accident or not. So we can easily see who's the user responsible for such actions.

  • Eric Roovers
    Mar 19, 2024

    With respect to logging changes for typical auditing purposes, the general advice is to use separate Work-In-Progress (WIP) and read-only Publication/Production databases and only log the (reviewed and approved) changes in the latter database with every merge. Logging all changes in WIP allows you to monitor individuals’ work and trace errors to a level of monitoring that would be in fact illegal with respect to labour law in some countries. It would also create a massive log file and it is not required by GxP and QM standards.

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