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Created by Daniel Mašek
Created on May 17, 2024

SAP Solution Manager <>ARIS -> Sync deletion of process interfaces

in relation with SI-562578 I would like to ask to enable of deletion of non-existing process interfaces from SAP Solution manager with sync from ARIS2SAP.
The SAP Process <Link> equal to SAP OBJ_TYPE: REF_PROC are represented in ARIS EPC by Process interfaces symbol equal to ARIS SYMBOL: ST_PRCS_IF should be removed from process properties equal to SAP OBJ_TYPE: PROCSTEPSGRP if their equivalent does not exists in ARIS model (Process link for same process with same OCC ID like reference in SAP).
For enabling of this feature user should enable Delete process interfaces option within ARIS2SAP Sync wizard.

Thank you in advance.

Regards, Daniel.

  • Product Manager
    Georg Wilhelm
    May 21, 2024

    corrected the workspace to Integration