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Created by Olaf Geyer
Created on Mar 22, 2022

Enable filter for attribute values

This feature adds attribute values as an option to the filter configuration. The objective is to enable filters to hide an existing attribute value from the filter user.

If I would be able to hide selected attributes values with the filter (rather than deleting them in the configuration) it would add a new degree of flexibility.

I have an Attribute with a list of values A, B, C today.

Tomorrow I want A, B, and D. Typically I just would change the list values. But if I am in a GxP environment I can’t just delete C. I need to keep it for being able to backtrack my changes. But in order to hide it from the users I need to be able to make in unusable in the filter.

Brainstorm ID 9450
Created on Brainstorm 09/23/2021 04:25 AM