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How can we make ARIS better?
Status Will not implement
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Created on Mar 22, 2022

ARIS User Management: Ability to manipulate LDAP user groups

In order to be able to guarantee trouble-free operation and adequate quality assurance, it would make sense, as an administrator, to be able to manipulate LDAP groups temporarily in the ARIS user management component.

Example scenario:
A user with very limited functional, licensing and access rights in ARIS will report a malfunction to the support.

In order to be able to reconstruct the Isses, the administrator must create "real conditions" in order to reproduce the specific incident.
For this it would be helpful to be able to add for a limited period of time, either a local user, or an LDAP user in an existing LDAP group, and to be able to remove it after completion.

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Created on Brainstorm 05/28/2019 07:55 AM