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Workspace Dashboarding
Created by Nemanja Djukic
Created on Mar 7, 2023

enable vertical responsiveness for ARIS Aware dahboard

A new technology has been introduced to create new dashboards and view them. This new technology is promoted as being having a more responsive layout. Horizontally this works, however it's not possible to allow widgets to expand vertically to full the available space (see screenshot). This raises questions with designers, customers and end-users. Elements in a responsive design should be able to take up all the space vertically and horizontally.

  • Bas Bleijenberg
    Oct 12, 2023

    ARIS Aware Dashboards are like an unpolished diamond, however, not available for every existing customer (yet) and often not fully utilized to their potential.
    With new ARIS Enterprise subscription contracts, availability will no longer be an issue.
    To fully utilize their potential as 'Operational Dashboards', e.g. to keep track of ARIS models that did not pass QA checks of that need to be approved before a particular date, two capabilities need to improve: #1 Data feeds 'latency' (currently one hour due to scheduled report constraints) and #2 a truly Responsive Web Design so that the available space is used in a optimal fashion regardless of the screen resolution or browser type.
    If you envision a truly Responsive ARIS Aware Dashboard too, one that resizes its elements both horizontally and vertically while still controlling minimum column width of tables where appropriate, than I suggest you vote for this feature as well.