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Status Will not implement
Created by Michel Benard
Created on Jan 5, 2022

Archimate : add connections to connections (data flows)

1) Create an archimate application collaboration diagram
2) add two application components A and B
3) add a flow relationship between A and B
4) add a data object C
5) try to add a relationship between C and the relationship between A and B -> this cannot be achieved
6) The same goes for any relationship between a data/business object or Artifact and any flow relationship (for example a flow between two functions or two processes)
7) expected results : it should be possible to link a data object and a flow relationship according to the archimate specs , see 5.4.2 on

-> Add the possibility to attach data objects (or business objects or artifactsto data flows)

Brainstorm ID 6794
Created on Brainstorm 03/05/2019 11:35 PM
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