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How can we make ARIS better?
Status Open for voting
Created by Peter Björklund
Created on Jan 26, 2024

Requirements for data and information modelling

We see more and more the requirement to understand the dependencies between process and data. Changing/modernizing ERPs, automation, integrating processes, analyzing operational performance, CXM all requires good understanding of the data and information used in the processes. Needless to even mention the regulatory demands that require this practice. However, ARIS is some missing important functionality for data and information modelling. A de-facto standard for data and information modelling is the class diagram model typ from UML. We do not recommend that ARIS incorporates the full UML framework, but rather takes the best and most common parts into the product.

  1. Change current symbols to a more common semantic scheme, such as the class diagrams

  2. Change cardinality notations to something other than the current 1, c, cn, n, 2..
    Improved modelling experience, e.g. with automatic box size adaptation.

  3. Improved modeling experience, e.g. with automatic box size adaptation based on number of attributes.