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Status Open for voting
Created by Cameron Bradbury
Created on Mar 26, 2024

Model Creation Wizard

When creating new models, sometimes we want our modellers to define certain mandatory attributes upfront and don't want to rely on them remembering to do it later on. It would be good if they could be prompted as part of the model creation dialog, with us being able to define the mandatory attributes.

We also use model headers in our models, it would be great to understand if newly-created process models could be created with content/fragments/headers already inbuilt, to save time.

We have developed something internally, but it would be great to understand if this could be built into the core product. Our wizard also performs some quality checks to make sure the modeller isn't creating a duplicate process or putting the process in the wrong location.

  • Tim Knechtel
    Apr 19, 2024

    Would be an really nice feature. Many thanks at Cameron for the presentation of this idea on the IUG24