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Created on Mar 13, 2022

Search single object in ARIS CONNECT

It is not possible to search for a single object in a specific folder within a group in a DB , but the only option is to search the object in the entire DB.

With java client it is possible to search a single object in a specific folder within in e specific group..
There is a way to do this in ARIS CONNECT?

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Created on Brainstorm 05/07/2019 03:30 AM
  • Product Manager
    Philip Hake
    Dec 12, 2023

    This can be achieved using the repository search. First, navigate to the group in your repository. Second, open the filter options of the repository search. Select Objects as the items that you want to retrieve. You can further specify the characteristics of the objects you want to retrieve, e. g. strings contained in the name, object type.

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