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How can we make ARIS better?
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Workspace Dashboarding
Created by Manikant Rayudu
Created on Nov 15, 2022

Dashboard Performance improvement

We have 60,000 users for which we have licenses. The objective is to disclose process information to all these users to help them do their day to day job. This includes disclosing dashboards towards them.

We've implemented an intermediate solution to cater for the performance issues by creating a separate user group for preferred users. Currently this group is small but in the upcoming future this will definitely change.

So we need a structural solution for the performance issues surrounding dashboards.

From what we can see in the logs, dashboards do multiple requests to the document store and it seems like every request is validated vs. identity and access management. This takes a significant amount of time if the user group is large.

We would like to see a solution to structurally improve the performance.

One option would be to minimize the request to the document store and validating the identity and access to one time. I.e. when data is gathered the validation of the user and its rights is done only once. The privileges that are gathered at the first request could be stored in memory.

Please reinvestigate the added value of elastic search. ARIS is running on a relational database. Any relational database should not have any issue to deliver output from a more or less static tables (users and privileges). The current 60,000 users should not be any issue. It looks like elastic search is not working as intended.

So please make crisp when Software AG is going to deliver a structural solution for these performance issues.