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Status Open for voting
Created by Carmen Jacobs
Created on Jan 17, 2023

Make model properties 'Connected model' available in ARIS Connect

In ARIS Architect/Designer when you click in the model properties you can see a property called 'Connected model'. This shows a list of all models where the selected model has been assigned to an object occurrence. This functionality should be available in ARIS Connect as well to allow navigation upwards by selection. Like in ARIS Architect/Designer it should show the name and the model type.

It would for example allow navigation through the 'standard' process architecture, End-to-End Views or other views like product views that contain a function with an example to the same BPMN model.

This should be available to all object types so that it can be used for application systems, clusters, technical terms, etc.

This is not the same as the arrows up as they only seem to allow one linear way up and seems to have some logic by which only one model type is shown (and actually opens a group instead of a model).