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Created by Sören Schmitt
Created on Feb 13, 2023

Output graphics of individual objects occurences via new method in ARIS Architect / Connect Designer


We would like to output graphics of individual objects occurences.

Currently there is only a method to get a picture of the whole model with (“Model.Picture(….)”) or a picture of the symbol (“MethodFilter. SymbolGraphic(…)”) without any cutsom changes e.g. attribute placements.

Unfortunately, this works only conditionally at the moment and a picture of a single object occurrence has to be done with workarounds. (Generating new models, new object occurences etc.)

It would be of great advantage if a method "ObjOcc.Picture" would be introduced, with which we can output individual objects quickly and easily.

With such a method it would be much easier to create easy to read documents and the risks of errors would drop dramatically.