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Workspace Process Mining
Created by Roland van de Ruit
Created on May 25, 2020

Additional variant classification options

Feature Description

Provide additional variant classifications besides the “Unique” classification that currently is used. To summarize:

1)Variant class 1 (Existence + Frequency + Sequence) (current method)

2)Variant class 2 (Existence + Frequency)

3)Variant class 3 (Existence)


In most productive process mining projects end-users will typically see thousands of different variants. A frequent complaint is that the current variant list and numbers give a false impression on the process stability. Its considered too strict…

The other options would allow for more ‘meaningful’ variants.

Of course ‘meaningful’ is a subjective term but I'd prefer additional views on the process variance where I can select what best fits to the current analysis.

  • Roland van de Ruit
    Jan 25, 2021

    One further comment.

    Additionally i can also envision an option that we offer a variant customization tab in our Data Set configuration - similar to the Conformance tab that is now also available.

    Before loading the data the user can configure a custom variant classification. Here the user can do 3 things

    1- Select the functions that need to be considered in the variant determination

    2- Select the variant classification (see first comment) that needs be used

    3- Give custom variant class a name

    After which the user then can load the data, the system determines the variants, In analysis the user can select his/her own variant classification to analyse the "meaningful" variants.

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