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Workspace Process Mining
Created by Paul Fenton
Created on Nov 16, 2022

Ability to import ARIS Connect assignment/subprocess tasks as part of the reference model

Currently, only the top-level tasks in a given ARIS Connect Process Model can be transferred to ARIS Process Mining as a reference model; i.e. if the process model contains tasks with assignments or subprocesses, these will not be available for mapping in the Compliance app.

As many business processes are constructed with multiple task-level assignments and subprocesses in ARIS Connect, it would be ideal if these could be accounted for when transferring the reference model, rather than having to build a new high-level process model for transfer and subsequent conformance analysis.

  • Product Manager
    Martin Scheid
    Jun 17, 2024

    I'm happy to share that we've introduced a new capability in ARIS that enhances the process conformance checks and the model overlay. With this release we supports the use of a process model, its assigned subprocesses, and call activities within an ARIS Process Mining dataset. With this capability, it's now possible to use models and their sub-processes for the conformance check. In a combined deployment, users can transfer multiple processes to a dataset for the model overlay. Additionally, the model transfer can be initiated directly from ARIS Process Mining.

    More informaiton can be found here:

    A training will be available in the training portal shortly: