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Status Open for voting
Workspace Process Mining
Created by Roland van de Ruit
Created on May 25, 2020

New app: Case Explorer

Feature Description

App that can show an overview of the cases in combination with metrics and dimensions

Should be able to handle the large volumes of cases (paging?)

Current Table chart will throw an error due to volume…

Perhaps can be used in combination with certain algorithms (e.g Outliers, Top Flop, etc)

Potentially adding a paging to the table chart could already solve certain use cases.


At some point during the analysis we should be able to get to the case level to pinpoint the actual problems.

  • Jens Nitzschke
    Aug 16, 2022

    Limitation of shown rows leads to wrong "results" in tables when selections on other widgets are made. This occurs when tables are sorted by columns especially.

    Example: A table shows cases with a Case-ID, a dimension and a measure, sorted by the measure (highest to lowest). Because of the number of cases the list is limited to the first 10k. Distribution chart shows number of cases for the same dimension. If a multiple selection is made in the distribution chart, the table does not show the values with the highest values overall. It shows the highest value from the first 10k rows.

  • Product Manager
    Julian Krumeich
    Jan 12, 2021

    planned for 2022Apr