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Workspace Process Mining
Created by Paul Fenton
Created on Dec 20, 2023

Case wait time (cases with activity end timestamps)

One powerful analysis measure that does not currently appear to be available out of the box is 'Case Wait Time' for cases with activity start and end timestamps. Expressed simply, this is the amount of time that elapses during the overall duration of the case where no activity is being worked upon. The existing Activity Wait Time measure can capture this at the acitivity level, but the sum of these values will not necessarily equate to the Case Wait Time if some of the activities overlap. The attached file shows 5 cases, of which only 3 have a Case Wait time value. 4 have Activity Wait Time values - for example, case#5 has Activity Wait Time totalling 11 days, but the true casel-level Wait Time is actually only 3 days (1 day between activities A&B, and 2 days between B&C); the other activity wait time is actually being consumed by other activities in terms of the whole lifecycle of the case.