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How can we make ARIS better?
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Workspace Process Mining
Created by Paul Fenton
Created on Jan 31, 2024

Component (table/label/chart) value drill-through capability

A very useful functionality would be the ability to drill down/through on a specific measure or value in an App Builder component such as a table, label or chart value.

The idea would be to make the component more dynamic/interactive by generating either a filter or a new temporary page with the details of the aggregated measure selected. To take an example, if we had a table with only repeated activities and the volume of cases that these repeats occur in, it would be helpful to be able to immediately identify the individual case details.

The attached very basic example from Power BI demonstrates this as an idea - when you drill-through on the value of 6 for the measure of cases with the activity 'ECC APPROVAL REQUIRED', this takes the user to a new page with the details of those 6 cases. As noted above, this could be achieved by a filter in ARIS rather than a temporary page.