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Workspace Process Mining
Created by Paul Fenton
Created on Mar 21, 2024

Unexpected conformance warning message/guidance

Currently, when there are tasks in the reference process that do not appear in the data set activities, these have to be marked as disregarded. This can potentially lead to cases being marked as conformant when in reality they are not - for instance, a reference process may have 3 activities before a gateway offers 7 different potential paths (see attached) image. In this hypothetical example with 7 possible conformant paths, with no shared tasks after 03_S, any cases with 01_C -> 02_O -> 03_S -> DISREGARDED -> END will be marked as conformant.

So, hypothetically, you could have this scenario:

  • 100 cases, all of which start with 01_C -> 02_O -> 03_S.

  • 6 of those cases feature, in the wrong expected sequence, the amber tasks shown in the top 6 paths in the screenshot below.

  • The remaining 94 cases have no further activities beyond 01_C -> 02_O -> 03_S. Because there are tasks in the process model that do not feature in the source data set activities and must therefore be configured as ‘Disregarded’, will these 94 cases all therefore be marked as Conformant, resulting in an overall Conformance Rate of 94%?

There is a workaround whereby the disregarded activities in the bottom edge that do no appear in the source data set activities can be artificially added to the conformance configuration to result in the desired conformance rate of 0%, but this is somewhat onerous and is not immediately apparent to the user. This idea is to propose adding a warning/suggestion that alerts the user to this possibility, with guidance offered about how to resolve - again, please see attached.