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Status Shipped
Workspace Process Mining
Created by Roland van de Ruit
Created on Mar 26, 2021

New app: Process Benchmark

An idea for a new standard App is a Process Benchmark app.

In this App a user would be able to perform a kind of 'model comparison' between 2 displayed and distinct process models

Each model obviously would be a result of a different filter selection.
And in the best case there would some type of visualization or display that would automatically highlight or list the difference between the models.

  • Product Manager
    Martin Scheid
    Jun 17, 2024

    With the introduction of the quick check, it is possible to expand process compliance functionality. The process quick check enables you to compare your processes to a quick-check selection without much configuration effort. The quick check provides you with statements about how well a process matches a quick-check selection and where both deviate from each other. You can perform a process quick check using the Process explorer app or Process explorer component in the App builder. Here you can configure a quick-check selection. For example, you can base your quick-check selection on the common path, specify different numbers of activities or connections to be considered in addition to the common path, or base your quick-check selection on the most common variant or a combination of variants.

    More information on the quick can be found here:

    Or in this best practce:

    And in this training: