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Workspace Process Mining
Created by Roland van de Ruit
Created on Mar 26, 2021

New App: Variant Analysis

This is another idea on how we can make sense of large amounts of variants (see also ARISPMIYU-I-20): a standard App available for Variant Analysis.

Assume we have a date set with 1000 different variants.

All these variants differ from each other

Some are very similar while others can almost be completely different.

A user should be able to select a variant as a baseline and then start an analysis

As a result all other variants could be grouped in buckets based on the degree they resemble the baseline (e.g 90%, 80%, 70%, etc). A sort of distribution

For each group the difference to the selected baseline should be shown

  • Roland Woldt
    May 25, 2022

    The link to the other feature doesn't work for me. But to enhance this request, there should be some input of your own criteria to the variant analysis possible, such as "the least time" or "the least handovers". It would be great if you could analyze variants not only by frequency, etc. but also custom criteria (assuming it is included in the data set) to support desired behavior - along the lines of "yes, we see that you do these most of the time, but the desired way how we do things here takes this in to account".

  • Product Manager
    Julian Krumeich
    Jul 19, 2021

    similar / duplicate to ARISPMIYU-I-20