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Status Already exists
Workspace Process Mining
Created by Jens Nitzschke
Created on Jan 4, 2022

Show projects related to a data set and allow navigation from data set directly to a related project

Data sets can belong to different projects, or in other words - multiple projects can use the same data set.

To ease shift between project/data set forward and back, it would be great to see the projects that are connected to a data set within the data set and navigate to a project.

  • Jens Nitzschke
    Jan 7, 2022

    Thanks, did not know. But I think from the UI/Usability aspect it is not the right place in the workflow. I suggest to think about an inclusion in the left navigation also.

    It is a common use case that an analyst needs to switch between analysis and data set and we need to minimize the clicks.

  • Product Manager
    Julian Krumeich
    Jan 7, 2022

    This is already available in the current version. Please open the Info tab within your respective data set. There you will see a list of projects that refer to the data set.