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Workspace Risk & Compliance
Created by Koen Maes
Created on Jan 22, 2024

Document risk appetite in ARIS & ARCM

Today there is no standard to document the risk appetite in ARIS. However, it is an important indication when managing risks.
Having the ability to document this (in a standard way), would enable further reporting and analysis about the risk situation.

An additional information captured by some customers is the 'impact of the control/measure' on the risk score. In combination with the risk appetite this enables the analysis if sufficient action is taken to manage the risk position of the company.

  • Product Manager
    Georg Wilhelm
    Jan 24, 2024

    On the hierarchies, we have already added an attribute "Risk-bearing capacity", if I understand it correct, you would like to add that also on single risk level?

    In my understanding, the impact of the control / measure is documented in the "reduced" values in the risk assessment - but i guess that is not what you mean?