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Created on Jan 3, 2022

Proper print fuctionality - not workaround with export graphic or hidden report

We are getting really tired of asking for a better printing functionality! Our colleaguesaka users, who work in ARIS Connect (be it on a daily basis or once a month) regularly call/email/walk-inbecause they are desperately looking for the print function! We have to keep telling them,over and over again, that there is only the "export as graphic" option or thehidden, unhandyand not intuitive workaround of doing a pdf-report, where you can't change any settings (e.g. print scale) or page breaks etc.

We cannot be the only ones struggling with this!

We are a relatively young internationalwork force and still people like to talk over process models which have beenprinted out and pinned to the wall, where everyone can have a good look at it.
In addtion our offices/meeting rooms are more and more equipped with flat screens instead of large screens & beamers. Thus the screen sizeis reduced and only small parts of process models can be shown while demonstrating models live in ARIS Connect onflat screens.

Therefore, please
1) provide a print-button where it can be seen at first glance, which upon clicking runs a standard print report (which can be customized if required)

---> this would already solve the problem that people can't find the print function at all

2) Provide a print functionality as it was once available in ARIS Publisher, where one could choose number of pages/zoom etc.

---> this would make so many lives of process modelers/viewers easier


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Created on Brainstorm 12/14/2016 01:37 AM
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