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Status Shipped
Created by Asha Chitan
Created on Jan 6, 2022

find a guid with the standard search

Dear Software AG representative,

In ARIS it's sometimes nessecary to look up an object or model trough the GUID. There is an undocumented procedure for this:%% where guid =

I would like to have a regular feature in ARIS to look up guids either in find or search.

Thank you very much,

Asha Chitan

Brainstorm ID 8134
Created on Brainstorm 06/05/2020 12:27 AM
  • Product Manager
    Philip Hake
    Aug 31, 2023

    Repository search will support it form SR24 on.

  • Product Manager
    Cecilia Lauer
    Aug 14, 2023

    already shipped as part of the new portal search in SR22.

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