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Created by M. Zschuckelt
Created on Jan 3, 2022

Genericode Base Type for ARIS attribute types

Genericode is an OASIS standard:

It allows Code-Lists to have multiple representations for the user. E. g. a code list with the values {Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday} may be perfectly equivalent to a Code list {Mon, Tue, Wed}

They can be described as being the same code list and it may be up to the user or user interface to choose the representation of the attribute value depending on personal preferences or UI space restrictions.

Code lists may evolve over time. So with the invention of Thursday the Code list may become {Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu}. The user may choose which code list version he wants to use for an attribute. If he needs Thursday, he has to choose the newer one. For all the other days it does not matter, which version he uses to represent the value. The value type of Monday must be identical across the code list versions (same AVT GUID)! The code list URI is comparable to a unit of measure for the values of the code list like in "45 cm" the 45 is the value and "cm" is the unit of measure.

Code lists may also evolve in the other direction: Values may become invalid from one version to the next.

Code lists are identified by an URI and a version string. A "fully qualified URI" is a combination of both and serves as a human readable identification of the code list version.

Attribute types with a Genericode base type need to be configurable via API. Ideally also a file conforming to Genericode XML Schema can be imported directly as a source of Code lists. Code lists with the same URI and different versions should be considered as related. Identical codes (technical identifier for a value) in those related code lists should be considered as identical attribute value types, thus in the above example of the two versions of code lists of weekdays, the Monday values should become identical members of both code lists.

The method filter may or may not restrict the set of code lists applicable for any particular attribute type of Genericode base type. It may restrict the available code lists to a (certain set of) URI(s) or versions of those (fully qualified URIs). It must be possible to manipulate filters and code lists via Report and macro API.

I added a file illustrating a draft of the envisioned ARIS meta-model.

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Created on Brainstorm 02/16/2021 05:03 AM
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