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Created by Alex Welsh
Created on Jan 3, 2022

Tool to report broken hyperlinks to external documents or media

With increasing use of hyperlinks to documents that are not stored in the ARIS Connect document store, for example to a Company Sharepoint site, it would be useful to have an administrator tool available to test hyperlinks to confirm they receive a valid response from the target site and to report any identified broken links, including where the link is used in ARIS Connect.

This type of tool is common in website builder / management applications.

Being able to quickly identify and resolve broken links will help build trust amongst our business users in the integrity of the content on ARIS Connect and encourage greater use.

Brainstorm ID 9095
Created on Brainstorm 04/27/2021 01:17 AM
  • Martin Schröder
    Feb 2, 2022

    The script Find broken links.arx in ARIS_DVD3-\Content\Reports\ may save you the effort.
    But note the non-committal Readme:

    • This script is not an officially released standard script and not part of the product functionality.

    • Therefore it is not under support and maintenance.

    What has become of the principle "Who breaks it, fixes it"?

  • Rune Becker
    Feb 2, 2022

    Have you tried to adapt the ARIS report script "Adapt ARIS document storage links" to your needs?

    Although, that script was actually meant to replace all hyperlinks stored in ARIS attributes for the case the ARIS Server name has changed, you could enhance the script's logic to test all hyperlinks for the response sent by the called server.

    Would that cover that your requirement?

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