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How can we make ARIS better?
Status Planned
Created by Edwin Verstraeten
Created on Jan 5, 2022

More intelligent dialog designer

With the current dialog designer, it is impossible to create complex dialog views and create a design that behaves in a natural way. It's constantly juggling between customer requirements and abilities of the designer.

The behavior of the dialogs is also different from the behavior in other parts of ARIS (Connect, API & Reports) so i would prefer a dialog designer, reusable over all, although I understand that would be quite a challenge.

Therefore the most optimal situation in short term would be seperate dialog designers but all of them leading to the same behavior for the end user. With building more and more multi discipline solutions, this will become more and more an issue.

Note that also having the ability of defining inline validations becomes more and more a prime requirement for APG dialogs

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Created on Brainstorm 10/17/2018 12:56 AM
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