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Created by Edwin Verstraeten
Created on Jan 5, 2022

It should be possible to rename UMC groups/roles

It is not possible to rename a usergroup in UMC. This is very annoying, because in some cases i have to rename a role in APG because of customer requirements, This leads to a script to extract the assigned users, delete the usergroup, generate/deploy the new organizational chart, reassign the users to the usergroup. I really don't see any reason why this is blocked.

Brainstorm ID 6908
Created on Brainstorm 04/03/2019 03:25 AM
  • Martin Schröder
    Jan 26, 2022

    For the same reason

    to rename a role in APG because of customer requirements

    I found that you can copy & rename a UMC user group with all assigned users.
    You should check permissions and licences, though.

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