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Workspace Dashboarding
Created by Monika Leitner
Created on Jan 5, 2022

Out-of-the-box dashboards are not multi-lingual

As ARIS is now multi-lingual please update the out-of-the-box content (CoE, Strategy, IoT, CXM) which are currently only working in english (reports, datafeeds, dashboards).

So if an ARIS report was executed in german all datafeeds/dashboards throws syntax errors.

Currently only a workaround is provided to translate the dashboards in multilanguages, but also the datafeeds could be multilanguage-able if the correct option (means option XML on datafeed) where implemented.

We are argumenting that ARIS Aware is more than just simple dashboarding. We are offering ootb content, which currently has to be altered for every customer which is not using english as default language.

Incident # 5389871 - ARIS Aware | Mehrsprachigkeit

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Created on Brainstorm 11/21/2019 01:58 AM
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