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Created by Jörg Neves Bliesener
Created on Sep 22, 2023

Different searches in Repository and Portal should either be harmonized or get a visually clear distinction

The different search approaches in portal view and repository view can represent a challenge, as they have a visually similar appearance on first sight. Both search bar have the same color and position, yet produce very different results.

While it is understandable that the search in repository view addresses a different - more sophisticated - target audience and therefore could/should/must have additional features, it would be desirable to provide a superset of the portal search using the same UI and producing the exact same results.

Alternatively, a visually clear distinction between portal search and repo search should be established, either by using a different color scheme or by positioning the repo search bar in a different location, for example above the navigation tree instead in the title bar.

  • Johan Bengtsson
    Jan 23, 2024

    This is a relevant requirement for many customers. As an example, it is important for users to make a distinction between production and development databases. Different color schemes would be very useful.