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Status Open for voting
Created by Sören Schmitt
Created on Sep 22, 2023

Customizable Monitoring Mails via ACC in ARIS

currently it is not possible to edit the content and subject of monitoring mails.

We would like this to be configurable in the future so that the content as well as the subject of monitoring mails can be edited depending on the event (Started, Stopped, Failed, Down, High CPU ..., and so on).
For example:
- The subject should be "ERROR ABS ARIS productive environment" when a runnable changes to Failed or Down.
- The subject should be "INFO COP ARIS Test Environment" when a runnable is reconfigured, or similar.

The background behind this request is that such mails could be automatically sorted into different mailboxes, giving us a better overview of the systems we manage. When skimming the mails, an ERROR in the mailbox stands out faster and better.