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Status Shipped
Created by Karin Wolters
Created on Dec 14, 2022

Make system independed executable URL's available via synchronisation with a Custom URL

Create, via synchronisation, an executable in SAP with library element Type 'Custom URL'

With an executable with library element type (SAP Function type in ARIS) 'Custom URL' it is possible to add an URL (without SAP System info in the path) in ARIS, synchronise it to SAP where, when the URL is used, a BADI will be called to find the system you are actually working on and opens that executable on the same system. This system independed Custom URL will make testing easier.

With the current available option URL (SAP Function type 'Web address or File' it is not possible in SAP to call the BADI and the relevant system to start the executable must be manually placed in the URL which also cause that automatic testing is not possible.