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How can we make ARIS better?
Status Will not implement
Created by Karin Wolters
Created on Feb 6, 2023

Make it possible to make a differentiation for Fiori applications based on the Parameter-value.

Currently we use screen objects with transaction type ‘Fiori application’ where we fill in the transaction code (=Semantic Object) and Parameter 1 (=Semantic action) This works alright in the synchronization to SAP.

Via below URL we can find the semantic object and Semantic action that we need to fill in for the Fiori applicton screen objects'F1574')/S24OP

We would like to use the Parameter-value of the Fiori app as well to make a differentiation which Fiori to to start in SAP.

In the URL and screenshot it shows the Fiori app Manage Banks and Manage Banks - Basic apps, with the created screen object they will have both the same Semantic Object and Semantic action but the Parameter-value will make the difference if the Manage Banks or the Manage Banks - Basic will be started in SAP.

  • Product Manager
    Georg Wilhelm
    Aug 7, 2023

    After deeper investigation, we cannot implement that idea in standard product.

    SM72 does not provide a specific field for parameter values. Therefore we cannot sync this parameter into the standard product. Since the fiori link is build by a report, our suggestion would be to have a customer specific report based solution including customer attribute for the param value.