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Created by Sören Schmitt
Created on Jan 23, 2023

Steps view in ARIS Connect


in the steps view in ARIS Connect (as shown in the screenshot), an activity is at "Current(Aktuell)" and next comes an XOR, then the edges "yes(ja)" and "no(nein)".

Now it would be an advantage if the user could see the question on the XOR. But the gateway only says "complex decision(Komplexe Entscheidung)". The user does not know what the conditions of the edges "yes" and "no" stand for.

It would be great if the text "complex decision" would show an attribute from the XOR.

Reference to incident: SI-488134
  • Renee Urlich
    Feb 28, 2023

    Just a thought for you. I have a notation standards rule to name the condition expression so that it is easy to read and clear. It also helps with the steps view, as it states the condition. Marking the default path as part of your BPMN notation standard also supports the steps view.