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Status Open for voting
Workspace Risk & Compliance
Created by Tanguy Petre
Created on Jan 19, 2024

Be able to deactivate issues in bulk by admin users

Use case is for a customer that has only the basic ARCM roll out and issues from Connect. Their users are creating issues but some issues needs to be removed/not visible and it is complicated to deactivate issues once they are already created and in the owner inbox. The admin user receives request to delete some of them and it is complicated to do it in bulk as there are always conditions not met to deactivate. I would be interesting for an admin user to be able to delete them. Also when it is a test issue, it is polluting the data.

  • Product Manager
    Georg Wilhelm
    Jan 24, 2024

    We are on the way to bring more capabilities into portal, managerial tasks (also for issue management) are still in the backlog list.