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Status Planned
Created by Vassiliki Spentzou
Created on Feb 2, 2024

Customization of Documents Tab

Many Customers that do xml customization for their ARIS Portal are interested in utilizing the Documents Tab provided in many items' factsheet . The fact that we cannot customize it makes us most of the times to end up disabling it . We would like to have to capabilty to play around and customize the columns displayed there and also have some filtering options on the contents for which we want to display there their links.

Many thanks in advance

  • Vassiliki Spentzou
    Feb 12, 2024

    that's even better :) many thanks!

  • Product Manager
    Cecilia Lauer
    Feb 12, 2024

    Hello Vassiliki and thank you for this idea. I have set this to "planned". However, we plan to use other means than customizing the Documents tab. Rather we plan to allow using the new WYSIWYG editor's "table view" to create an overview of Documents or to create a Documents tab that suits the customer's needs.