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Created on Mar 22, 2022

Request for Federated databases and Methods

The current database structure within the ARIS suite is limiting our way of working.

1) Methods (especially new attributes) cannot be Tested without setting up a parallel server environment. This should not be an issue if methods could be duplicated and assigned to individual databases.

2) Currently databases are treated as separate isolated components. Ideally we'd like to work across databases, share 'approved' objects like interfaces/functions/libraries between databases and cross link seamlessly in connect between them. This, in combination with the versioning option helps to break up our large organizational efforts into smaller manageable domain components each with their own publication cycle. This requires connect to see different 'grouped' databases as one, requires the designer interface to see and share the 'shared' objects between the 'Databases'.

Brainstorm ID 7153
Created on Brainstorm 07/18/2019 01:07 AM